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The launch of Nike Air Force 1 Low "Blue Snake 2013-12-08" 22:47:31 on the web today, and the exposure of a snake from the Nike elements of a single product, the blue to its launch of the Air Force 1 Low "Blue Snake" as the main design, with uppers of leather imitation snake, not from the exposure the picture element breakthrough. It is reported that this shoe "Blue Snake" will be in January next year to meet with you, do not know Nike snake most heavy items to come?November will be at the end of the weekend, with the last month of the year. And we will also usher in a large number of shoes for sale, including the Jordan Brand; the latest build of Jordan Spizike, gray as the main color rendering, black and red modified details in the bottom, using some ink Cheap air jordans for sale decoration, make shoes more different kind of style. It is reported that the shoes will be completely in December 10th sale, the number of 315371-003, priced at $175, love friends then you can look at.Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau at the end of last year to hundreds of pairs from Spain, Italy and other countries imported famous brand shoes sampling found that being product identification, sensory quality, heart hook bending stiffness and peeling strength to help end the four problem. Because of the problems in the leather shoes, Louis Widen (LV), D & G, HUGOBOSS, music and other brand shoes in Shanghai have sales, many consumers worry about these shoes in Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau at the end of last year to cheap jordans for sale mens hundreds of pairs from Spain, Italy and other countries imported famous brand shoes sampling found that being product identification the sensory quality, and hook bending stiffness and peeling strength to help end the four problem. Because of the problems in the leather shoes, Louis Widen (LV), D & G, HUGOBOSS, music and other brand shoes in Shanghai have sales, many consumers worry about these shoes will appear similar quality problems in Shanghai. Yesterday, the Shanghai municipal consumer protection committee said that today will give consumers a reply. according to the monitoring of Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, with Louis Vuitton as an example, because the Chinese shoes are not marked to check out the unqualified. Louis Vuitton cheap jordans online (Chinese) Commercial Sales Co., the person in charge of public relations Zhuang Jie has admitted that all China sales Louis Vuitton shoes are not marked Chinese shoes, Louis Vuitton shoes are imported directly from France, the country of origin of the label is shoes logo, into the China after no change in time. And according to Zhuang Jie introduction, Louis Weedon leather shoes sales during the new year in Shanghai. [source: Sina] [editor in chief: admin)The first 10 months of this year China's shoe exports declined slightly strong rise of trade protectionism can not be ignored (import and export monitoring and early warning project) according to customs statistics, 10 months of 2009, China exported 6 billion 740 million pairs of shoes, compared with the Cheap air jordan 12 ovo same period last year (the same below) fell 3.4%, $21 billion 880 million, down 5.9%. The main characteristics of its exports are: first, in October, the volume of exports continued to fall. In July of this year, China's shoes export volume reached 780 million pairs of the highest point in the year, and the subsequent 3 months continued to fall. October month, China's export shoes 650 million pairs, an increase of 4.5%, down 6.7%, valued at $2 billion 60 million, down 7.5%, down 15.6% (figure below). Two, the United States, Europe, Japan as the main export market, exports to ASEAN increased significantly. The first 10 months, China's exports to the United States, EU shoes is $7 billion 270 million, $4 billion 150 million, down 6% and 1.4% respectively, expor Retro jordans for sale ts to Japan $1 billion 600 million, an increase of 5.9%, these 3 markets together accounted for 59.5% of total exports of China's shoes. Over the same period, exports of 830 million U. s.dollars to Russia, down 29.1%, accounting for 3.8% of China's total footwear exports over the same period; exports to ASEAN 710 million U. s.dollars, a substantial increase of 49%, accounting for 3.2%. Three, general trade accounted for half of the country, the export of processing trade decreased significantly. In the first 10 months, China exported US $11 billion 770 million for general trade, an increase of 5.8%, accounting for 53.8% of the total value of China's footwear exports in the same period. Over the same period, the export of processing trade was 7 billion 140 mi cheap foamposites llion US dollars, down 12%, or 32.6%. Four, plastic shoes exports accounted for nearly 6, and maintain growth, leather shoes exports decreased significantly. 10 months ago, China's exports of plastic 3 billion 970 million pairs of shoes, an increase of 6.9%, accounting for the same period of China's footwear exports 58.9% of the total, 5.7 percentage points higher than the same period last year, $9 billion 350 million, an increase of 2.3%, the average price of $2.4 each, down 4.3%. At the same time, the export of textile materials of the 1 billion 180 million pairs of shoes, fell 0.8%, $3 billion 380 million, an increase of 4.6%, an average price of $2.9 per pair, an increase of 5.4%; export 740 million pairs of shoes, down 23.2%, accounting for the same per Retro jordans for sale iod of China's footwear exports 11% of the total, down 2.8 percentage points over the same period last year, $6 billion 950 million, down 15.6%. The average price of $9.4 per pair, growth of 9.9%. Five, Guangdong is still the largest export provinces, Fujian, Zhejiang contrarian growth, Xinjiang dropped sharply. The first 10 months, Guangdong exported shoes 8 billion 160 million U. s.dollars, down 7.1%, accounting for 37.3% of the total value of China's footwear exports over the same period, as China's largest shoe export provinces. Over the same period, Fujian and Zhejiang exported $4 billion 210 million and $3 billion 550 million respectively for shoes, up 2.2% and 1.4% respectively. Xinjiang exported 1 billion 130 million US dollars, a drop of 44.3%. Sinc Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e the end of last year, the country has increased its footwear for the 2 time in a rowOnce again the Olympic year, almost all of the sports brand will do two things at this point, and that is to launch its own new season of the Olympic equipment and review their own previous Olympic classic products. As a world leader in sports NIKE naturally will not miss such an opportunity will ever classic re-debut. NSW will now see is engraved in this year launched Nike Zoom Uptempo V Premium "US national team color." Although Jason Kidd has already launched a list of today's arena of the strongest point guard, and once the Zoom Flight V also has been renamed to Zoom Uptempo V, but still classic. Our memories of a pair of eyes, a lot of veteran fans can not forget the s cheap jordans for sale hoes. Such a very memorable shoes, very worthy of our start. Source: solecollectorGrassroots elite players together in Shanghai Greenery Department's regional finals contention Cheng Zhongguo unveiled 2013-12-08 22:11:21 (May 28, Shanghai) organized by Nike's second "green dispute procedure" China Conference finals in Shanghai officially opened. 28 small players from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong four Division through the next three days of the race, to compete for four seats to Barcelona's famous La Masia youth training camp opportunity to participate in the global finals. & nbsp; green contention Cheng Zhongguo Division ambassador Sun Jihai and 2010 "green contend Cheng" campaign winning player representative Pei Shuai, Liangguan Cong ru cheap jordan shoes for men shed to the event, to share their experience, while inspiring the small players show the best level, the pursuit to realize their dream of professional football. In 2010 the "green contend Cheng" campaign ultimately winning players Pei Shuai and ????? currently has represented professional team competition, ????? in the global finals into the 32, has been the effectiveness of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong Team ; Pei Shuai in the 2011 Changchun Yatai team entered the first team, is relying on his lore, Yatai team ended the streak constant brigade in the Super League, and recently he was also named to the National Team . Pei Shuai arrival ????? and gave great encouragement to small players, they are convinced that the same success story can be overridden in himself. Sun Jihai is the second consecutive time as ambassador, "Cheng contention green" campaign, in his view, such an event is very conducive to the popularity of sports to promote the development of youth football in China, "grassroots players rarely have the opportunity to contact with professional football training, Greenery dispute process Nike provided the platform to provide them with a broader opportunity, so that they can learn from to improve, a lot of benefit. Chinese football is the need for more such platforms so that more young people like football show yourself. " Finally, Sun Jihai deep feelings tell each small player: "We now choose a football, we must adhere to in the end!." In the final event, highlighting football culture and fashion "Nike barber shop" is also very impressive, as Nike global brand campaign this summer, part of the "not wait My Time is Now" and "Nike barber shop" for the love of football youth provides a unique way to express yourself, where you can create a small player and their favorite players as a hairstyle, incarnation Balotelli, Neymar, etc., demonstrate their personality. "green contend Cheng" campaign is a global selection of talented players of activities designed to provide an opportunity for young amateur soccer players from around the world, giving them the chance to showcase their talents on a top stage, as well as their opens a further study into the professional football hall door; this year's "green dispute procedure" China Division selection of activities from May 12 to May 31 opening blow retreat, a total of more than 5,000 talented young players participated in the competition, Nike also invited, including Xu Genbao, Wu Jingui, Cao Xiandong, Yang Pu, Lu Jun, Peng Weiguo, Mai Chao, Tan Ende, including a number of well-known coaches jury composed of experts of the smaller players performance comprehensive assessment, in addition, include Gao Lin, Yang Zhi, Sun Jihai, Wang Lei, FengRenLiang, Leiteng Long and many other active players also rushed to the event on several occasions, to participate in the selection of young players to be the guidance and encouragement from the four sub-Division final 28 winning players into the finals in Shanghai. Finals of the jury will be Lu Jun, Liu Chunming and Li Zhijian components.

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